Etaireia Investments PLC is listed on the NEX Exchange growth market in London

The company business is investing in property and real estate. The company invest in distressed residential schemes as well as commercial retail and industrial property within the UK. The directors believe that the current real estate crisis in the UK presents an unprecedented opportunity for investors to benefit from an excellent gross rate of return.


Challenging times bring rewarding opportunities…

The real estate market in the UK is at a cyclical low point, with the current banking system having little or no interest in lending, particularly in real estate ventures which in turn has led to construction companies retracting from their chosen field. Real estate investment is a leveraged asset class – the problem is the leverage has evaporated. The nation’s banks are in difficult times, less well known is the fact that this provides an unparalleled investment opportunity to the shrewd investor.Lack of development in recent years has led to unprecedented levels of unsatisfied demand for real estate, particularly with regards to the development of new homes. This has led to less houses being built, and less supply of new homes to the market demand is outstripping supply. Current economic conditions have produced unprecedented opportunities for investing in UK based assets. As a real asset, real estate has typically provided long-term returns over and above that of the rate of inflation. This is important, as it can protect capital from the erosive effects of rising prices.

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